Born and raised in Southern California, Beverly Austin has spent a lifetime in the arts with an appreciation for all that California has to offer to an artist. She is an accomplished designer in a variety of mediums and has worked professionally as an interior and web designer for a number of individual, corporate and non-profit clients.

In 1995, Beverly moved to the Sierra Foothills in Northern California and began to focus on her first love of design, acrylic and oil painting. She works primarily from drawings, sketches, plein-air, and photographs.

Using oils and acrylics as her mediums, Beverly has been drawn to combining the spiritual and physical realms of the world through nature and light in her paintings. She believes that nature has a timelessness that reflects the past, present and future. Her paintings present a remarkable interpretation of the world as we might see it and imagine it.

Beverly has studied with internationally known artists and has attended many top artists' workshops. She is a member of the California Art Club, Placerville Arts Association, El Dorado Hills Arts Association and The El Dorado Arts Council. 

In addition to earning numerous awards, Beverly’s works are on display in a number of private collections and available for viewing and purchase at Gold Country Artists Gallery in Placerville, CA.